The globale clothing industry rules at No. 2 among the world's most pollutive industries, according to research.

You might think it's not that surprising, considering the enormous amount of fast fashion clothing being made in Asian textile factories in high speed every day to meet the big brand's growing demands for a constant flow of new items at low prices.

We strongly believe that the future health of Planet Earth is completely depent on the close ecological interplay between us humans, animals and nature - an ecologic balance which is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

New research has linked the use of GMO (gene-modified) cotton and the use of different pesticides to several catastrophic natural disasters such as the erosion of earth, polluted waterways, worsened health in cotton farmers and - very importantly - the massive colony collapse of bees in the latest years.

We believe that it is very unwise to tamper and experiment with natural processes without knowing very well the long term consequences of our actions.

To understand what's good for the future, we have to look back on how things have worked for thousands of years before our industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism turned the principle of ecology on its head.

While making new T-shirts certainly isn't the quick fix to our environmental issues, we believe that spreading joy and awareness while doing minimal damage to planet earth indeed is a viable message, and a bridge between fast fashion and ecology that truly seems to have earned its place in time on a global scale.