The clothing production industry is one of the world's most dehumanizing industries alive today.

While just about all goods and services on a global scale, has risen in price through the last three decades (considering inflation), the price of clothing has almost single-handedly dropped in price, or stagnated completely.

This colossal economical pressure for cheap clothing at low prices has resulted in a complete dehumanization of textile workers in countries like Bangladesh and India - working in an industry which is still as manual labor intensive today as it was several decades ago. On a big scale, not much has changed.

In a strong growing Asian economy, delivering cheaper and cheaper clothing becomes a paradox, which in turn has led to big brands moving their production away from factories in mainland China, to developing countries like Bangladesh, where worker's rights are virtually unheard of, and a long way from being a priority.

Tragic episodes like the Rana Plaza-collapse in 2013, shows us the true face of fast fashion, and we strongly feel that the time has come to address the environmental, economical and - not the least - ethical problems in the clothing industry.

EARTHEREAL have chosen to start our journey towards a more fair clothing world by producing all our T-shirts in a 100% Fairtrade Certified CMT-factory in India that has been employing thousands of workers under fair conditions since they started in 1934.

The Fairtrade Certification is shared by both the factory and EARTHEREAL as a clothing brand, solidifying a Supply Chain which also ensures the economic fairness and social rights of cotton farmers and the infrastructure in their rural communities.

Read more about FAIRTRADE here.