About us

EARTHEREAL is a sustainable Norwegian clothing brand that was established in 2015 to help transform the clothing industry to become more fair, environmentally concious and creative.

The clothing industry is the world’s No. 2 most polluting industry according to research, and will be throughoutly tested on their stance towards environment, ethics and economical situation in the years to come. 

Our hope is to contribute to a new, positive trend that in time can even inspire the biggest brands to change. Our first collection of organic and fair trade certified T-shirts was launched in 2015 in Norway through earthereal.no, receiving great domestic reviews from a lot of happy customers.

In 2019, we’re launching globally and hope to spread even more joy, inspiration and T-shirts across the globe to a wider audience.


Jon, founder of EARTHEREAL 

Jon Vegard founder of Earthereal